Romanian Film Evenings – About the 10th edition

10 June, 2019

The Romanian Film Evenings Festival opens with a series of anniversary events that could not be more fitting for the 10th edition. Such is the press conference that will focus on the Romanian film, and Florin Piersic will be present as a special guest, this edition of the festival being dedicated to him. The audience will also have the chance to see him at the Exhibition in Reverence – Florin Piersic, at the Royal Art Gallery of the Iasi National Athenaeum, where he will be present in images.

Another exhibition that opens on June 12th is the SFR Anniversary Exhibition | A decade of Romanian film in Iasi, which includes photos of festival key moments, from the very beginning to present day.

The special events and screenings will be held throughout the festival:

  • The SOS MONUMENTS “The Endless Film of Our National Monuments” Debate;
  • Ethnographic Romania. Dem Demetrescu Restoration is a special screening that brings to our attention the film Ethnographic Romania, meant to be finished in 1938, but never completed. Recovered archive images will be presented on the music of Foley’Ala and Irina-Margareta Nistor;
  • On June 16th, on the last day of SFR, there will be a marathon of Romanian commercials, as part of the Made in [Ro]mania event, with Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Gheorghe-Ilie Fârte (Communication and Public Relations – Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Science, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”) as guest – the event will be followed by a discussion about the originality and creativity of the Romanian commercials.
  • On this edition, SFR introduces Cine-Pool: a summer day at the pool with good movies, cocktails, and fun. Paul Negoescu’s latest film, The Story of a Summer Lover will be screened at the event. Participants will have access to the SPA, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and thermarium.

At SFR10 you can watch the latest and most appreciated Romanian film productions, such as the well-known Touch Me Not (dir. Adina Pintilie), Parking (dir. Tudor Giurgiu), Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time (dir. Stere Gulea), Alone at my wedding (dir. Marta Bergman), The Distance Between Me and Me (dir. Mona Nicoara, Dana Bunescu), as well as documentary films followed by debates: Maria – The Heart of Romania (dir. Trevor Poots), Government of Children 3D (dir. Ioana Mischie), Caisa (dir. Alexandru Mavrodineanu), Eminescu’s Chest (dir. Cristian Radu Nema, Bianca Michi Nema) and many more.

For the nostalgic and for those who want to watch 20th century Romanian cinema, the SFR program also includes a series of classic films: The Punishment (dir. Sergiu Nicolaescu), If I Were Harap Alb (dir. Ion Popescu-Gopo), The Mill of Good Luck (dir. Victor Iliu), The Axe (dir. Mircea Mureşan) – a special screening that marks 50 years since its release -, as well as several productions starring Florin Piersic, SFR’s special guest : The Paratroopers (dir. Dinu Cocea), The Outlaws of Captain Anghel (dir. Dinu Cocea), The Turquoise Necklace (dir. Gheorghe Vitanidis), etc.

On June 14th, Fix Hall hosts the evening of short films – S’Horts and FiX 2 | Get the audience on short notice!. Of the 15 productions that will be screened, 10 of them compete for the SFR Award which will be granted by direct vote.

The Romanian Film Evenings Festival will take place in Iasi between June 12th-16th. For more details, visit the SFR website or the SFR Facebook page, and go to the SFR10 program to consult the complete program and get tickets.

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