About us

Films in Frame is an online Romanian film magazine which presents both the local and international industry through carefully crafted materials written by our editors and collaborators. We write about what we think it’s relevant, about young and emerging talents, about film festivals and films we love, and everything else we believe it’s important to get to our readers. We are a couple of young and passionate journalists and we like to believe that we write with honesty.

Our features are organized into categories: news,  film reviews, interviews, special features (such as Emerging Voices, Footnotes or Tops of the Month), festival features (Festival Focus), trailers, and video series.

The aim of our work is to bring our readers closer to Romanian and European cinema and to help them experience a bit of the magical world behind the screen. And we do it in two languages (RO-ENG) so it reaches everyone.


Laura Musat

Creative Director / Editor in Chief

Film producer and founder of ADFR, she dreamed since she was little of having a magazine one day. Alongside her job as editor-in-chief, she writes the Thursday interviews with Flavia. She loves animals, jazz music and films festivals.

Melissa Antonescu

Melissa Antonescu

Editor / Monday News

Photographer and editor, she co-founded Dissolved Magazine. For Films in Frame she brings the news from the film world, in the Monday News column. She likes stories, Monty Python and going to the seaside.

ionut mares fin

Ionut Mares

Editor / Emerging Voices

Journalist and film critic. He works as artistic director for several film festivals in Romania. For Films in Frame, he is in charge of the Emerging Voices column, which is published twice a month, on Tuesday.

Georgiana Musat

Georgiana Mușat

Editor / Top of the Month

Journalist and film critic. Collaborates with Scena9, Acoperișul de Sticlă, FILM and FILM Menu magazines. For Films in Frame, she brings the Monthly TOP, published twice a month, on Wednesday. In her spare time, she retires in the woods where she pictures other possible lives and flying foxes.

Flavia Dima

Flavia Dima

Editor / Thursday interviews

Film critic & journalist. Collaborates with local and international outlets, programs a short film festival - BIEFF, does occasional moderating gigs and is working on a PhD thesis about home movies. For Films in Frame, she's in charge of interviews, along with Laura Musat. Favorite international film festival: Viennale.


Călin Boto

Editor / Footnotes

Film critic and journalist. He is an editor at AARC and writes the ”Screens” features for Art Magazine. He collaborates with many publications and film festivals as a freelancer and he is strangely attached to John Ford's movies. He writes "Footnotes" at Films in Frame, every Tuesday.

Ștefan Dobroiu

Editor / Monday's Trailers

Born in Piteşti in 1980, FJSC graduate - Bucureşti. He is a senior editor for Cinemagia and is Cineuropa's correspondent for Romania and Bulgaria. At Films in Frame, he recommends monthly the newest movie trailers.

victor morozov

Victor Morozov

Editor / Friday Film Review

Film critic and journalist; writes regularly for the Dilema veche cultural magazine and collaborates with Acoperișul de Sticlă, Film Reporter, Ziarul Metropolis; enrolled in a Film Studies programme at Trinity College, Dublin.


Alina Dima

Alina Dima

PR Manager

Alina și-a început drumul în PR la Animest, iar acum lucrează la agenția FCB Bucharest. Proiectele ei de suflet sunt încă cele care au legătura cu industria filmul. La Films in Frame se ocupa de PR & comunicare. Îi plac cam toate ilustrațile cu care intră în contact și vinul.

Ioana Trifu

Ioana Trifu

Editor Video

Născută și crescută în Cluj Napoca, Ioana este editor video freelancer și regizoare de film documentar. Proiectele sale abordează realități sociale prin poveștile personajelor. Momentele libere le petrece în compania unei cărți bune și a pisicii ei.

Andreea Toader

Andreea Toader


Complet îndrăgostită de cinematografie, Andreea își împarte zilele și nopțile între festivaluri, filmări și orice fel de proiect care implică filmul. La Films in Frame se ocupă de traducerea articolelor. Își începe toate diminetile cu muzică și și-ar face oricând timp pentru călătorii, drumeții, experiențe gourmet și vinuri bune.

martina orlea

Martina Orlea

Digital Manager

Interested in politics, digital and documentaries. Her interest in art movies started after she watched American Beauty, in the seventh grade. She spends many weekends at Union Cinema, in Bucharest.

Ruxandra Marin

Ruxandra Marin

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylist, she began her journey through the fashion & publishing industry working as a journalist for Elle magazine. At Films in Frame she is in charge, alongside the photographer, of the bimonthly shootings for Flavia’s interviews. She’s passionate about social media, art history and anything related to science fiction.

Sabina Costinel

Sabina Costinel


Photographer and filmmaker, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She always has her camera around to record anything magical. She likes traveling, observing and hanging out with creative people.