Random Home Cinema, an event created by NexT

25 May, 2017

While expecting the 11th Next edition to start, which will take place between 22 and 26 June, the organizers propose to all short film lovers a new cinematographic experience.

The original concept belongs to Short Waves Festival – Poznań of Poland and is brought in premiere in Romania by the NexT Cultural Society. NexT Random Home Cinema will be held once every two months, each time at other venue and it will be hosted by film industry personalities or by loyal NexT attendants, at their homes.

Those who will host the screenings at their houses can invite their friends, family, neighbours, having several seats reserved each time for paying viewers. Depending on the setup the number of seats will be limited. The location will be kept secret until two hours before the announced hour of the event.

During the NexT Festival (June 22-26), the viewers will be invited to “adopt” their favourite shorts and to register as future hosts for the May 2018 screenings.

The first screening of Random Home Cinema will take place Thursday, on May 25, at 8:00 PM. The last tickets can be bought from Eventbook. You can find more details about this first screening on its Facebook page and on its Event page.

At this edition, the audience will watch five short films from Poland, films awarded at the latest/this year’ Short Waves Festival. The program includes: Debut, Grandmother’s birthday, Come and play with me! The event will be hosted by the director of the festival Szymon Stemplewsk.

The secret location thing made us curious, so we did our best to find out more about the host, event and how we can “adopt” NexT short films. We tried to make PR & Press Coordinator of this year’s edition of NexT, Dan Lupu, to reveal some hidden stories about this project.

Can you disclose us the secret of the first host of this event?

One of the rules of Random Home Cinema is to not disclose the location where the screening will take place until two hours before the event. It’s a measure used to protect the host’s intimacy and adds a mystery touch to the event.

Will there be related discussions in addition to the film screening?

Random Home Cinema means a mixture of acquaintances and random people who watch together a film selection and who can discuss them after the screening. At every edition, the films will be presented by a professional of the local or international film industry.

What is the process to “adopt” the preferred NexT short films and what does it involve?

During this year’s edition of the festival (June 22-26) we will open an online form where the ones interested in hosting the Random Home Cinema event can register. Throughout this form, they will also be able to select the short films from this year’s program that they want to watch at their homes.

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