Open call – CEE Animation Workshop 2021

15 November, 2020

CEE Animation Workshop is looking for the right candidates for the 2021edition. The workshop is organized with the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA, and is designed for film professionals from low production capacity countries who want to develop their own animation project, but is also open to a limited number of producers without projects seeking to build a long term strategy for their company.

The deadline for submissions is November 23, 2020. The workshop is held in English, over a period of one year, and is divided into 4 modules.

Due to the current situation, the edition is set take place entirely online, with the possibility of one module being organized as residential (depending on the coronavirus pandemic situation). During the workshop, participants will learn to develop their animation projects in a holistic manner, under the guidance of experts in the field. The tutors will analyze together with the participants not only their projects, but also the financing capacities and the production possibilities existing in the country of origin of each participant.

The program is a combination of group work, individual sessions and lectures. Moreover, due to the extended period of the workshop, the projects will be closely followed throughout the entire pre-production stage, from their early stages to fully developed projects ready to access the international market for financing.

Teams with a project in development

For each selected project, two participants (producer and screenwriter) and, in special cases, an additional creative team member will be accepted in the program. Animated projects of any format in development can be submitted: short film, feature length film, TV series, documentary or fiction films, or even hybrid projects which must contain at least 50% animation.

During the Workshop, participants with a project focus on script, visuals and production package development. They have the opportunity to advance their scripts, train in the art of pitching, gain resourceful knowledge on financing and budgeting, legal aspects and production management. They will also be mentored on developing marketing and festival strategies.

The program is divided into two parts: the theoretical part, consisting of lectures and assignments, and the practical part, during which online meetings with experts and fellow participants take place and theory is put into practice.

Producers without a project

Intended for producers working in the field of animation focusing on building a strategy for their company and wishing to acquire new producer skills specific to animation.

The call for CEE Animation Workshop is open until November 23, 2020. The submission form is available here. For more details, visit the CEE Animation website.

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