New Draft – The first online script development residency in Romania

3 May, 2021

Control N launches the first edition of New Draft, a script development residency that will take place entirely online over a three-month period, which will be divided into individual script development sessions and intensive work sessions under the guidance of the coordinators

Directors and screenwriters from all over the country who have a project at an early stage can apply, and in the end 12 participants will be selected.

The feedback sessions will take place both one-on-one and in groups, giving participants the opportunity to receive valuable and diverse feedback, both from experts in the field and their peers. Since the participants themselves will offer feedback on the other scripts, they will also have the opportunity to develop their ability to analyze a screenplay.

At the end of the residency, the projects will have a first draft, as well as a pitch portfolio intended for producers or funding contests.

The trainers and organizers of the first edition are Oana Rasuceanu (screenwriter and playwright), Ana Agopian (screenwriter, director, university lecture at UNATC, Screenwriting department, and co-founder of Control N) and Craita Nanu (screenwriter, script consultant and programmer at the Transilvania International Film Festival).

According to the organizers, New Draft was born out of a personal need: “To have people with a fresh mind and knowledge in the field who can help us get out of the cobweb of our own stories without losing them along the way. This need blended with our experience in similar development programs abroad. Finally, we thought that it’s worth creating a residency exclusively for Romanian authors, which can generate tangible results. New Draft brings the time, structure and methodology needed to expand the range of possible local productions.” (source: Control N)

In order to apply, a developed synopsis, a letter of intent, the participant’s CV and a link to at least a representative film from the filmmaker’s filmography or a short or feature film screenplay must be submitted. Application is free.

The New Draft residency will take place between July and October 2021. Applications are open until June 15, 2021. For application and more details, visit the Control N website.

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