Searching through Ștefan Dobroiu’s goodie basket for fresh & hot trailers, presented every month on a Wednesday, by Ștefan Dobroiu

  • June’s Trailer Recommendations


    “Purtata fetelor”, the Romanian traditional girls’ processional walking dance from Căpâlna village, playing on the soundtrack of a superhero blockbuster’s trailer? Now we’ve seen everything. Our list of recommendations for this month includes five titles showing at the Transilvania International Film Festival (June 17-26, Cluj-Napoca), but also the hottest upcoming Netflix series.

  • May’s Trailer Recommendations


    Cinema or streaming platforms? It’s a hard choice, especially now when the streaming world offers three titles that are impossible to say no to. We add to our list of recommendations a psychological thriller, a classic comedy (still relevant to the times we’re living) and two documentaries screening at One World Romania #15, which starts on Friday, May 13.

  • April’s Trailer Recommendations


    Are things really back to normal? According to the box office, it looks that way (the figures reported in March are better than those from March 2019!). One thing’s for sure, streaming platforms have not lost ground. In fact, HBO Max seems determined to dazzle us this spring. For this month’s trailer selection, we also picked two titles from the American Independent Film Festival program, which kicks off Friday, April 15.

  • March’s Trailer Recommendations


    A record-breaking film at the 2022 Oscars, probably the most anticipated biopic of the year, ultra-violent Vikings and three first ladies of the United States, here’s what caught our eye this month in terms of movie trailers. Oh, and Brad Pitt in an action comedy.

  • February’s Trailer Recommendations


    We are back and more than ready to show you the newest and most intriguing movie and TV series trailers, this time accompanied by cool facts! It will take a while before the festival circuit comes out of hibernation, so this month’s recommendations cover only productions that will be released in cinemas or on streaming platforms in the next period.

  • December’s Trailer Recommendations


    Festivals are over, and in December and January, the streaming platforms seem determined to devour every free minute of our end-of-year holiday. Cinemas join the fight by relying on a long-awaited sequel, and art film distributors know that now is the best time to release their most tempting premieres. That being said, we got everything for everyone!

  • November’s Trailer Recommendations


    The festival season is almost over, so now, all that’s left for us to do is to either return to our good old streaming platforms or resume our trips to the cinema (thank God there are still some that keep their doors open!). Below is a batch of fresh new trailers or which announce movies that will soon be available in Romania.

  • October’s Trailer Recommendations


    Since Les films de Cannes à Bucarest is one of the festivals that fully meet the tastes of our readers, below is a selection of the five most tempting titles screening at this year’s edition (October 22-31) which starts next Friday. The list of recommendations is completed by a couple of fresh out of the oven trailers, especially one with millions of views in just a few days.

  • September’s Trailer Recommendations


    Deep breath in and let’s make the most of it while cinemas still have their doors open and are not forced to close once again. We picked up some of the most tempting Romanian films that are scheduled to appear this fall, plus titles that had their world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and a fantasy series all set to make waves in November.

  • July’s Trailer Recommendations


    The Cannes Film Festival dominates the film scene in July, and along with it, the biggest film event in Romania, Transilvania IFF. Let’s celebrate these two festivals with this month’s selection of trailers, where we also add a guilty pleasure from Netflix.

  • June’s Trailer Recommendations

    The Cannes Film Festival has recently announced the Official Selection for 2021 (we can’t overlook Radu Muntean’s Intregalde in the Directors’ Fortnight / Quinzaine des Réalisateurs section), so it’s only fair that we get a glimpse into their program. At the same time, we can’t miss out on the latest titles showcased by streaming platforms.

  • May’s Trailer Recommendations

    trailere mai 2021

    Just a few more months until this year’s edition of Cannes Film Festival, and starting with June, going to the cinema may become a viable option all over the country. Until then, we continue our leisure time on streaming platforms.

  • April’s Trailer Recommendations

    trailere aprilie 2021

    Is it really possible for cinemas to reopen anytime soon? This month’s trailer offer includes a movie that will be released in theaters on May 14 (fingers crossed!). Otherwise, the focus remains on streaming platforms.

  • March’s Trailer Recommendations

    trailere martie 2021

    With cinemas being closed once again by the authorities and the summer days that carry the promise of outdoor screenings still far away from us, there’s nothing else to do but remain online, at least for some of these trailer recommendations. FYI, our offer also includes a Hollywood blockbuster with several young Romanian actors starring in supporting roles.

  • February’s Trailer Recommendations


    Usually, February feels like a black hole when it comes to news on movie releases, since many of the upcoming productions are waiting either to get selected in festivals or for the official announcement of these selections before they can kick off their promo campaigns. So, we turned to guilty pleasures, superheroes, a bit of voyeurism and… the “CODA case”.

  • December’s Trailer Recommendations


    For many years now, December has been the month when we would meet the films expected to be in the race for the incoming Oscars. Here are some of the candidates, one or two titles that might come as guilty pleasures, but also something that we could watch in February, on Valentine’s Day.

  • November's Trailer Recommendations

    In November, the entire cinema network in Romania yielded to the cold weather and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, therefore we completely turned to the available streaming platforms. Here is a selection of new trailers, fresh out of the oven, announcing mostly titles that will be released online this month or the next.

  • October's Trailer Recommendations

    It’s now October, and because of the pandemic, the authorities are forced once again to close the cinema halls, although no cinema has been identified as a source of infection. When moviegoers and festivals find shelter online, I might as well come with an offer of trailers, new and old, and titles already or soon to be available on various online platforms.