The Script Contest #4 returns

6 July, 2020

After being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of The Script Contest, the short film screenplay residency now resumes.

The finalists selected at the beginning of March will enter the second part of the 4th edition, which consists of one to one meetings between the finalists and the jury, followed by the screenwriting residency and the final pitch for the grand prize, which is the production of the short film with all that it entails, from pre-production to submitting the film at festivals. Moreover, if the winner is not looking forward to also directing the short film, he will receive a EUR 600 cash prize.

Here are the finalists and their scripts:

Lydia Tot – Pomana Viilor

Raluca Enache – Fonic

Ana Taran – Cosmografia

Crăița Nanu – Fără precedent

Horia Cucuta & George ve Gänæaard – Răscruci

Alexandros Raptis & Bogdan Movileanu – Mașina de spălat vise

Simona Sava – Să nu vorbești

Sorana Borhina – O fată singură în noapte

Maria Diana Lica – Tabu

The second part of the contest will take place between July 27 and August 11. The jury consists of Bogdan Mirica (screenwriter and director), Roxana Szel (editor) and Cristina Hanes (director).

The novelty of this year’s edition is the screenwriting residency, which will be held between August 3-8, at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, where the finalists will have the opportunity to intensively work on their projects, in a quiet environment. Here, the participants will have roundtables – group discussions on their own scripts, consultancy meetings via Zoom with three industry professionals: Andreea Bortun (director, screenwriter), Alex Baciu (script doctor) and Ionut Mares (journalist, film critic & festival selectioner) and a special masterclass on How to pitch?, held by Alex Traila (film consultant and graduate of EAVE Film Marketing Workshop).

At the end of this period, the scripts will be sent back to the jury and the voting process will begin. The last stage of the contest, PITCH’in Day, will take place on August 10, when the participants will present their final projects in front of the jury and a winner will be selected.

To keep up with all the news, follow their Facebook page or visit The Script Contest website.

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