#LeapsaFiF – The biggest watchlist challenge

22 April, 2020

On April 8, Films in Frame launched the #LeapsaFiF challenge and we have put together the biggest virtual watchlist so far.

The rules were simple: whoever was tagged, had to recommend three movies and then tag three other people. When we posted this article, the tag game was still going on, and we have gathered here some of our favorite recommendations.

The first recommendations come from some of the representatives of the Romanian film industry:

Dorian Boguță – actor & director

Midnight Express (dir. Alan Parker, 1978)

About Elly (dir. Asghar Farhadi, 2009)

Project X (dir. Nima Nourizadeh, 2012)

Andrei Huțuleac – actor & director

Into the Wild (dir. Sean Penn, 2007)

American Beauty (dir. Sam Mendes, 1999)

Y tu mamá también (dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2001)

Anca Maco – PR & Influencer

Barry Lyndon (dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1975)

The Cassandra Crossing (dir. George Pan Cosmatos, 1976)

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (dir. Takeshi Kitan, 2003)

Anamaria Antoci – film producer

Misery (dir. Rob Reiner, 1990)

Festen (dir. Thomas Vinterberg, 1998)

Force Majeure (dir. Ruben Östlund, 2014)

Bogdan Theodor Olteanu – director

La règle du jeu (dir. Jean Renoir, 1939)

Love Streams (dir. John Cassavetes, 1984)

The Other Side of the Wind (dir. Orson Welles, 2018) netf

Andrei Gorzo – film critic

Our Daily Bread (dir. King Vidor, 1935)

The Big Parade (dir. King Vidor, 1925)

The Crowd (dir. King Vidor, 1928)

Cătălin Mesaru – Full Moon festival artistic director

Clue (dir. Jonathan Lynn, 1985)

White of the Eye (dir. Donald Camme, 1987)

Color Out of Space (dir. Richard Stanley, 2019)

Andrei Crețulescu – director

Shadows (dir. John Cassavetes, 1958)

Faces (dir. John Cassavetes, 1968)

A Woman Under the Influence (dir. John Cassavetes, 1974)

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (dir. John Cassavetes, 1976)

Opening Night (dir. John Cassavetes, 1977)

Ana Ularu – actress

Nashville (dir. Robert Altman, 1975)

Lady Vengeance (r. Chan-wook Park, 2005)

The Proposition (r. John Hillcoat, 2005)

Andrei Bangu – film critic

The Servant (dir. Joseph Losey, 1963)

Sense and Sensibility (dir. Ang Lee, 1995)

Vivarium (dir. Lorcan Finnegan, 2019)

And below, some of the movies we picked up after a quick Facebook search by #LeapsaFiF:

Steve Jobs (dir. Danny Boyle, 2015)

Lara (dir. Jan-Ole Gerster, 2019)

Monștri. (dir. Marius Olteanu, 2019)

Water Lilies (dir. Céline Sciamma, 2007)

Eastern Plays (dir. Kamen Kalev, 2009)

Closeness (dir. Kantemir Balagov, 2017)

Taste of Cherry (dir. Abbas Kiarostami, 1997)

Zama (dir. Lucrecia Martel, 2017)

Good Time (dir. Benny & Josh Safdie, 2017)

Jojo Rabbit (dir. Taika Waititi, 2019)

Parasite (dir. Bong Joon Ho, 2019)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. Wes Anderson, 2014)

Hot Fuzz (dir. Edgar Wright, 2007)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (dir. Ben Stiller, 2013)

Frank (dir. Lenny Abrahamson, 2014)

Too Late to Die Young (dir. Dominga Sotomayor Castillo, 2018)

Summer 1993 (dir. Carla Simón, 2017),

A Fantastic Woman (dir. Sebastián Lelio, 2017)

A Brighter Summer Day (dir. Edward Yang, 1989)

On the Beach Alone at Night (dir. Hong Sang Soo, 2017)

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakhul, 2010)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (dir. Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, 1975)

Youth (dir. Paolo Sorrentino, 2015)

Kubo and the Two Strings (dir. Travis Knight, 2016)

Howl’s Moving Castle (dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 2004)

Le grand méchant renard et autres contes (dir. Benjamin Renner, Patrick Imbert, 2017)

I, Tonya (dir. Craig Gillespie, 2017)

Rear Window (dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)

Melancholia (dir. Lars von Trier, 2011)

Her (dir. Spike Jonze, 2014)

Le Bal (dir. Ettore Scola, 1983)

Dear Zachary (dir. Kurt Kuenne, 2008)

One Cut Of The Dead (dir. Shin’ichirô Ueda, 2017)

The King of Comedy (dir. Martin Scorsese, 1982)

The Party (dir. Blake Edwards, 1968)

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (dir. Eli Craig, 2010)

Où en êtes-vous, Tariq Teguia? (dir. Tariq Teguia, 2015)

To the Ends of the World (dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2019)

Kalte Heimat (dir. Volker Koepp, 1995)

Obscuro Barroco (dir. Evangelia Kranioti, 2018)

The Inferno Unseen (dir. Marketa Uhlirova, 2017)

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (dir. Pedro Almodovar, 1988)

Kin-Dza-Dza! (dir. Georgiy Daneliya, 1986)

American Splendor (dir. Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini, 2003)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (dir. Jim Sharman, 1975)

Mon roi (dir. Maiwenn, 2015)

Cleo de 5 a 7 (dir. Agnes Varda, 1962)

The Hours (dir. Stephen Daldry, 2002)

Her (dir. Spike Jonze, 2013)

Into the Wild (dir. Sean Penn, 2007)

Annie Hall (dir. Woody Allen, 1977)

*Most movies are available online on streaming VoD platforms, such as Netflix, HBO GO or TIFF Unlimited.

You can find all the other titles, that haven’t been mentioned above, by the #LeapșaFIF hashtag, and if you want to continue the tag game in the comments or on your personal profiles, don’t forget to use the hashtag so we can find your suggestions!

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