Films in Frame and glo™ join forces in a partnership designed to support the magazine’s activity

31 March, 2022

2022 comes with good news for the online magazine Films in Frame and its readers. glo™ and Films in Frame have joined forces in a partnership designed to keep the public up-to-date on the latest news from the world of film, through carefully crafted materials and new columns.

Since the beginning, glo™ has established itself as an innovative brand, which is always looking to push its limits, both in its field and in the world of creative industries. Thus, the creative projects supported by glo™ are not few in number. Since the glo™ team is constantly interested in getting involved and endorsing projects they believe in, the decision to support Films in Frame came naturally. With the help of glo™, FIF will be able to continue its activity and develop new and bolder columns and projects.

Films in Frame is an independent film magazine, which continues to exist in a country where the film press is rather deficient, especially the independent sector. Such projects have a hard time surviving, often defeated by a lack of outside help. It’s no secret that FIF has been making efforts from day one – not just to carry on with its pursuit, but to improve itself and become a landmark for the national and, why not, even international film press. During its 2 years of existence, the magazine has undergone a considerable evolution, currently having an audience of over 10,000 readers per month and various sections covering various topics: from local emerging talents to art film recommendations or reviews looking into some of the most resounding recent films, to video series meant to attract and familiarize the general public with Romanian actors and filmmakers. FIF is also committed to promoting visual arts, through collages and exclusive photo sessions, which have become a statement.

“I want Films in Frame to innovate and be a landmark in the Romanian press, but these things take time and depend on the financial strength you have. From the get-go, FIF has been entirely financed out of my own pocket; it wasn’t easy but I think that in these 2 years of activity we managed to establish ourselves as a reference, fresh & reliable publication. The fact that we have found a partner to support us financially and with whom we can, at the same time, develop other ideas we have, is a confirmation that our magazine is appreciated and is going in the right direction. And it’s also a gift, which makes me very happy and for which I’d like to kindly thank the people at glo™.” – Laura Mușat, editor-in-chief of Films in Frame

“The growth of our business focuses primarily on the expectations of our consumers. We choose to develop next generation products, and glo™’s involvement in supporting the creative industry is part of our goal to contribute to a better future. We are glad that we are beginning the year with a new partnership and we hope that, together, we will bring Romanian cinema and talent into the spotlight, where it deserves to be,” stated Raluca Răchițeanu, senior brand manager of THP at BAT Romania.

For starters, the partnership’s main focus is the Back Stories video series, an already existing and popular section of the magazine, curated so far by the Films in Frame team. Back Stories brings filmmakers and actors from the local film industry in front of the camera to answer the readers’ questions while attempting to keep a Jenga tower together. Among the guests that have accepted the challenge are Victoria Răileanu, Tudor Giurgiu and Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, along with many others.

Together, glo™ and FIF are preparing for Back Stories a list of guests who have worked on some of the newest film productions in Romania, but many more surprises are to come this year.

Keep an eye on the Films in Frame website for the latest features written by the editors, with the support of glo™.


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