Film course for teenagers at MARe

5 May, 2019

The course is not about video technique, it’s about the way a film is developed, through story, research, narrative. It consists of eight sessions, each one being 90 minutes long. During these sessions, the participants will address six different themes, building a foundation for working with the dynamic image:

  • non-narrative film: establishing links between seemingly contrasting elements
  • documentary film: presenting events through extreme close up shots, soundtrack, editing
  • interview: a real or an arranged interview
  • mockumentary: a fake piece about a real or a made-up situation
  • experimental film: exploring the possibilities of the video camera beyond the usual conventions
  • stop-motion animation: a type of animation made out of images

During the course, you can shoot with your mobile phone or video camera, and there are no restrictions on editing, each participant can work with the software he chooses to. Besides practical exercises, there will be analysis and evaluation sessions, as well as screenings of some examples.

Your Film / Big Screen is an opportunity for teenagers to learn the secrets of a new field, where they can express themselves freely, experiment without fear of mistake, combine their own personality with the idea they want to present to the public. Under the guidance of King Ionescu (Cristian Ionescu), the participants will be able to develop their own style through which they will be able to use the image in motion, so present today when we run into videos all the time, yet still so poorly understood.

King Ionescu is one of the visual artists representatives of the Romanian contemporary art scene. He explores the limits of the new media through his works and experiments that contain static and dynamic image, text, digital programming. In 2009 he graduated the National University of Art – Photography and Dynamic Image. His works have been exhibited in San Francisco, Strassbourg, Saint-Etienne, Düsseldorf, and his film, Portrait-Documentary, is in the permanent collection of MARe.

The course Your Film / Big Screen is open for adolescents between 13-17. Sessions will be held on Wednesday and Friday, between May 8th-31st, at the Auditorium of the Recent Art Museum.

The course costs 490 lei. You can send your application at For more details visit the MARe Facebook page.


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