About the Docuart Caravan and the program for 2017

11 March, 2017

Docuart organizes the 4th edition of the Docuart Caravan between March – June 2017. During this period  there have been announced screenings in Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Satu Mare, Gherla, Targu Jiu, Arad and Valenii de Munte.

We were curious about the concept behind Docuart Caravan, its goal, in which cities will they stop and why people outside Bucharest must go and attend their events. Docuart Film Festival’s director Daniela Apostol answered our questions.


How many years ago was the Docuart Caravan founded?

The project named “Docuart Caravan”, which has now reached its 4th edition was founded in 2013. We organize screening events of Romanian documentaries throughout the country and we facilitate the contact between the filmmakers and their audience – an interaction important for both sides.

The Docuart Caravan is an extension of Bucharest’s Docuart Film Festival (BDF) for Romanian documentary and it aims to become a backing tool for the Romanian Documentary film industry.

In what kind of cities does the Caravan stop and what is the program for 2017?

We target the main university centers but also small cities, with a low potential, where people usually don’t have access to these kinds of events. Gherla, Valenii de Munte, Targu Jiu, Satu Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei are just some examples of undeveloped cities.

This year we will travel from March to June and stop in cities such as Brasov, Valenii de Munte, Targu Jiu, Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare, Arad, Gherla, Timisoara. In each city we plan to screen for two days one BDF awarded documentary, giving free admission to the public. Some screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers.

Why should people attend the events of the Docuart Caravan?

The screenings present auteur’s documentaries which can only be seen during film festivals special screenings, which don’t happen that often. The documentary film is one of the only media tools that we can still use to educate and change mentalities.

The first priority is relaunching the Romanian documentary film production by promoting the national cinematographic heritage and forming an audience interested in local documentary films. We would also like to find young people interested in documentary film-making and put them in contact with professionals of the Romanian film industry and their public.

The Docuart Caravan is one of the most important documentary film platforms, as well as an important event dedicated to the Romanian documentary film, encouraging its consumption. Our 2016’s edition brought together an audience represented mainly by people under thirty – about 80% of the total audience.

The 2017’s Docuart Caravan had its first screening at Cinemateca Patria in Brasov. The full program and more informations can be found on the Caravan’s website. Next stop is on the 17th of March in Valenii de Munte.  Please note that all projections have free admission.

Bucharest Docuart Fest is a film festival dedicated exclusively to national documentary films, promoting not only innovative ideas and people, but most importantly genre Romanian films. You can check their website for more details.


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