Alternative UNATC – Sunday School – About the 9th edition

18 February, 2019

The spring session of the Alternative UNATC – Sunday School program will begin on March 3rd. Under the guidance of professors of the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest, participants will have the chance to discover the secrets of different areas in theatre and cinema.

The 2019 spring session has the following courses:

  1. Acting (over the age of 17) – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Mircea Gheorghiu and Univ. Lect. Dr. Mihai Brătilă
  2. Acting for young people (9-16 years old) intensive workshop – Univ. Lect. Dr. Dana Rotaru
  3. Choreography – Movement, Harmony, Rhythm – Univ. Lect. Dr. Elena Zamfirescu
  4. Personal development through theater and film techniques – Prof. Dr. Adrian Titieni
  5. Speech education and expression. Communication techniques – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Viorica Vatamanu
  6. Photography; techniques and elements related to aesthetics of visual language – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Dragoş Popescu
  7. Introduction to film directing – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Ovidiu Georgescu
  8. Digital photography editing – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Marius Nedelcu
  9. Film and television directing. Film Poetics – Prof. Dr. Laurențiu Damian
  10. Scenography and the art of costume – Assoc. Pr. Dr. Adrian Raicu

These courses are divided each into 10 intensive classes, and they are addressed to people who wish to pursue a career in one of these areas, as well as to people who seek to develop their knowledge and abilities for their day-to-day life use.

The program aims to help develop the cinema and theatre culture by providing workshops held by academics for the general public, not just for a small group of people who are already professionals or who are about to become professionals. That is why the classes will be scheduled in agreement with the participants, and they will be held on Sundays.

To find out more about Sunday School and understand what led the organizers to create these much-needed courses, we asked them the following:

How did the Sunday School appear?

This project was born at the initiative of Professor Adrian Titieni (former Rector of UNATC) out of the desire to offer the university professors’ expertise to the general public – regardless of their age or profession. Thus, UNATC became the first university in the country to open its doors by offering short courses in theater and film; not just to students, but to anyone who looks for the chance to develop their creative skills in an academic environment. Mr. Adrian Titieni is the initiator of the interdisciplinary course on Personal Development through theater and film techniques, which he currently holds at Sunday School. We are now in our ninth year of courses and we had hundreds of participants from all over the country, Suceava, Târgu Mureş, Arad, Timişoara, Slatina, Braşov, Iaşi … Which include people who didn’t dare at some point in their lives to attend Acting, Film Directing or other departments within the UNATC, as well as those who are preparing for admission. There are participants who have discovered a talent they once dreamed of only as a hobby, and now they have become our students. But also people who have developed specific skills for their workplace or for their personal development.

What does Sunday School bring different to the other courses in the field?

Alternative UNATC focuses on intensive, time-efficient and highly practical courses. The concept is addressed to the modern man who wants to develop new creative skills, without dedicating himself to the status of a permanent student. We designed Alternative UNATC out of our desire to meet these needs through an effective program, addressed to everyone interested.

The deadline for applying to Sunday School is March 3rd, 2019. More details on the courses, how to apply and fees can be found on the Sunday School webpage.

The courses will be held at the UNATC headquarters on Sundays.

An article by Melissa Antonescu

Translation by Andreea Toader

Romina Banu Romina Banu
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