About the 2018 Super Film Festival

27 May, 2018

A new and awesome edition of Super, the film festival dedicated to the teenagers, will take place in Bucharest between 7th and 10th of June

What started as a place for teenagers where they were able to watch their films on the big screen of a cinema became slowly an international festival which is not only focused on films, but also on the surprising art created by some teenagers full of ideas, an art which includes photography, painting, visual installations or poetry.

The screenings of The 400 Blows and Coconut Hero, which are part of the Super Warm-up event, will take place on May 24th and 31st at the Public European Space. Both films represent the teen spirit, featuring two atypical but irresistible heroes, which will make even the most skeptical person look back on the adolescence years with melancholy.

The festival’s schedule also includes the 2018 Super visual art exhibition. The exhibition’s theme is Lost and Found and the artists can use any technique they want; the age limit for exhibitors is 19 years old. Based on the past editions, we are sure that we will be again amazed by the creativity and boldness of the participants.

Another asset of the festival is the SUPERCAPITOL section. Super Festival together with Subcapitol challenged people to send a video with them while reading a poem. The best ones will be screened and awarded during the festival.

Super Pitch, developed with the support of British Council Romania, is a perfect opportunity for those who are at the beginning of their journey in this industry, to see their films becoming real. If you have a script which never turned into a film because of the lack of funds, this is your chance! All you have to do is to have a great vision and a developed idea (or ideas, there is no limit) and send it to Super. The selected ideas will participate in the pitch, which will take place on June 7th. The director, who can be supported by a team member, has to attend the event. The prize is a 300 euros budget which can be won by one or several films, based on the budget mentioned by the producer in the registration form. The full contest regulation can be found here.

Super brings in the Romanian film festival field more energy, youth and enthusiasm, proving that art and the interest in it are bigger and bigger among the younger ones.

Romina Banu Romina Banu
Photographer and editor; she co-founded Dissolved Magazine together with Melissa. For Films in Frame she gathers film and TV series recommendations for lazy weekends and she writes about interesting projects from the film industry. Other than that, she likes traveling, chilling with her cats and sleeping.