TIFF, 10 for Film: 4 stage actresses into the spotlight

29 May, 2017

10 for Film is a programme within the Transilvania International Film Festival which promotes every year ten stage actors for film. During the festival, they are presented to the film industry professionals, they attend press conferences and different workshops. Through the years, lots of stage actors selected in this programme managed to get roles in various films and TV Shows.

Because  Romanian Film Development always supports the new comers who are talented, we present you all the actors selected this year at TIFF’s 10 for Film in two separate interviews: one with the ladies, and one with the gents. And as the famous quote says “ladies first”, here is our article with the four actresses Amalia Ciolan, Anca Loghin, Carmen Florescu and Emilia Bebu.

1. How did acting appear in your life?
2. What are the biggest joys of an actor?
3. How do you approach a new character?
4. Do you think this approach changes in film?
5. 10 for Film is a programme initiated by TIFF, which has helped lots of stage actors get in the spotlight. What does this participation mean for you?
6. Have you ever wanted to quit?
7. Is there any Romanian director you would really want to work with?

DOB: 11.12.1980. Independent actress, collaborator of Nottara Theatre. She has worked before with Mic Theatre, Green Hours Theatre and Act Theatre
Hobbies: karaoke, travelling

1. When I was in my fourth grade, I remember I asked a classmate after a school celebration we had, how does she never gets nervous on stage. She told me she goes to this acting school and if I wanted to go too, I should learn a short poem and recite it. I learnt a fable and went to this classes. That’s how acting came into my life, in the most fabulous way.
2. The biggest joy of an actor is to have roles to play. And of course, his phone to ring often for offers, castings to come, and contracts to sign. Long story short, to act both on stage and on screen.
3. Like I approach a new relationship with a human being. I try to communicate with the character, sometimes is harder and sometimes surprisingly easy and natural, like we know each other for a lifetime. And that’s how everything starts and like in real life, I start being attached to them, wishing to see them more often. That’s how I usually approach a character: I get close to him while he does the same thing.
4. I think the same approach can work in film too.
5. I can’t wait for TIFF to start and to get to Cluj. I’m going to have some busy days filled with lots of special events and I hope – and think, I’ll meet lots of great and interesting people with experience in the film industry.
6. No, I have never thought of quitting.
7. There are so many, that I cannot choose only one.

DOB: 26.10.1982. Actress @Bulandra Theatre, Act Theatre, Maria Filotti Theatre, The National Theatre of Bucharest
Hobbies: dance

1. It was in my first year of high school, when I decided to join the theatre club. After that, everything fell into its place. I am someone who believes in objective hazards.
2. I think the biggest joy is the encounter with the public. By no means, you should have roles to lay for that to happen, to know you are wanted. But that is definitely the biggest joy of any actor.
3. I don’t really use a certain method of work, when I discover a new character. Being an empathic human being, I use the director’s approach. Acting is a profession where you don’t work on your own, there are lots of encounters and depending on how many they are, that’s how many ways of approaching you can find too. I am very flexible when it comes to discovering the world of a new character. The most important thing is not to hold your resistance.
4. I think my last answer applies for this question too. For me it’s so important to find a common intercourse between me and the director, in both film and theatre. I can’t really synchronize myself with a specific method of working. Everything has to be vivid and it depends so much on who I am working with.
5. It’s such a big joy to see how 10 for Film has become a slipway for stage actors onto the screen. So far, this participation is only a huge joy. I’m kind of in a pending status right now. Can’t wait to get to Cluj and discover what 10 for Film is about!
6. I have never wanted to quit. I can’t see myself doing something else, this is my modus vivendi and my therapy which keeps the balance in my life. and I really wish to start working in film. I’m an actress and like any actor, I just want to work.
7. Oh, there are lots of Romanian directors I would like to work withMy biggest desire is to start working in films. I’m an actress and like any actor, I just want to work. I guess that’s why I was selected at 10 for Film, right? To get to know people from the industry.

DOB: 06.11.1977. Actress @National Theatre of Targu Mures
Hobbies: travelling

1. Since I was little I had this wish, of becoming an actress. I first felt the taste of it in my fifth grade, when I signed in a theatre club, at the Pioneers House. Then, after I graduated high school, I met my husband, Rares who was studying acting in college at that time. He was the one who helped me and supported me to fulfill my dreams and turn my wish into reality.
2. The public’s reaction, the thrills before a show and the people you meet.
3. Approaching a new character is like drawing a precise contour that subsequently, you fill it with emotions. I really enjoy this process, that comes with discovering who the character is, what’s his history, his wishes, his gestures and so on. And then there are the lectures of the screenplay, the discussions with the director, the inner search, and even the nights you fell asleep thinking about it.
4. The only difference I see between theatre and film is the time you have to create that contour I was talking about.
5. First of all, I think is wonderful that a board of critics appreciate your work and select you for this programme. My participation at TIFF this year will be a great chance to meet people from the industry, which usually aren’t so accessible, especially if you’re not from Bucharest.
6. I have never.
7. There are three directors that come to my mind: Alexandru Dabija, Geanina Carbunariu and Bobi Pricop. I have never worked with them but I love their plays.

DOB: 13.09.1967. Actress @National Theatre of Bucharest
Hobbies: film and theatre

1. The education I received made films and theatre a part of my life. This has led to my decision of following this kind of life.
2. My biggest joy comes when I get from my character exactly what I wanted.
3. Any new character is a new beginning. The road to each of them is a continuous search
4. No, absolutely not.
5. My participation in TIFF’s programme 10 for Film honours me, especially because TIFF is a festival founded by one of my generation colleagues.
6. No, I have never.
7. I would prefer not to make a selection of the directors I would like to work with. All I can say is I would love to work with the ones from my generation.

The Transilvania International Film Festival will start on June, 2nd and tickets can be bought from the following link: TIFF 2017 Tickets. 

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