Home recommendations: 5 films and 5 series on Amazon Prime Video

19 June, 2020

During our stay at home, I’ve made a personal selection of recommendations of what to watch on Netflix here, HBO GO here and Cinepub here. Today we are talking about a platform less used in our country, unfortunately – Amazon Prime Video. I say unfortunately because there are a ton of cool movies and series to watch on it and I want to pique your curiosity with five of each, for now. Even though we started to get out of the house step-by-step, I’m sure you’re still looking for some titles you could enjoy at home; at least, I felt like I had exhausted just about everything that was of interest these months.


Knives Out – (dir. Rian Johnson; comedy, crime) – When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate, the inquisitive Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. There are enough suspects, and the detective discovers unsuspected details at every step. Bottom line, it’s a film full of tension but also of funny moments.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (dir. Joe Talbot; drama) – Jimmie and his best friend, Mort, are on a “mission” to recover the house that Jimmie’s grandfather built, but which was lost to gentrification in their San Francisco neighborhood. In the end, the film tells a story about friendship and what “home” really means.

Dirty Dancing (dir. Emile Ardolino; musical, drama) – Here’s a classic, among so many recent movies. A romantic and musical drama, the film tells the story of Frances, who falls in love with the dance instructor at her parents’ resort. The rest is history.

Rocketman (dir. Dexter Fletcher; musical, biography) – And another musical for the fans of the genre, this time a biopic about Elton John’s life on his way to fame. I recommend it, especially if you feel like listening to Elton John’s best songs and learning more about him and his journey from a simple boy in a small town to one of the most important rock’n’roll artists.

Honey Boy (dir. Alma Har’el; drama) – A film with Shia LaBeouf, written by Shia LaBeouf about Shia LaBeouf (not directed by him, though). Sounds funny, but it’s not. In fact, it’s a biopic in which LaBoeuf plays his father and which offers us a unique, heartbreaking look at trauma, fame and the father-son connection.


Seinfeld – A classic and a personal favorite. If you haven’t watched it before (I never did until last year around this time), now is the moment. It’s a kind of comedy that competes with Friends and connects you to the characters more and more as the episodes go on. I like both of them and I don’t think I could choose just one.

The Office (US) – Another personal favorite I couldn’t compare to any other series. A comedy also, but so funny it’s ridiculous. There’s the UK version of the series, created by Ricky Gervais, which is very funny, and there’s also the US version, which I recommend because, in my opinion, is twice as good (and for those who feel the need to argue on this – Ricky Gervais said the same thing as me, just so you know). Bottom line, it’s a mockumentary sitcom about office life.

Good Omens – Inspired by the novel written by Neil Gaiman with Terry Pratchett, the series (or rather the miniseries) follows an angel and a demon whose lives on Earth are endangered by the apocalypse. Therefore, they must ally to prevent a great war between Heaven and Hell. It sounds a bit SF, I know, but the series has a very good cast and an action that will keep you glued to the screen, at least for a while.

The Grand Tour – For the sake of diversity, I also come with something that could be seen more as a “guy thing”, although I know a lot of girls who are Top Gear fans – and The Grand Tour is the current version of the late BBC series. Discussions, test drives, jokes – they’re all included.

Fleabag – A very light, honest and raw series about a single girl in London. The series touches on many topics such as loneliness, suffering, sex and financial difficulties, but it doesn’t get grim because it’s dominated by an absolutely delicious black humor.

In addition to what I mentioned above, on Amazon Prime Video you can also find a lot of good series such as American Horror Story, Hannibal, The Mentalist, House M.D., Mr. Robot etc.

Romina Banu Romina Banu
Photographer and editor; she co-founded Dissolved Magazine together with Melissa. For Films in Frame she gathers film and TV series recommendations for lazy weekends and she writes about interesting projects from the film industry. Other than that, she likes traveling, chilling with her cats and sleeping.