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Film producer and founder of ADFR, she dreamed since she was little of having a magazine one day. Alongside her job as editor-in-chief, she writes the interview of the month. She loves animals, jazz music and films festivals.

Iulian Postelnicu talks about his characters, human beings and his most personal beliefs

Andrei Ujică answers the questions coming from his fellow filmmakers’

About Metronom, with Mara Bugarin & Șerban Lazarovici

Lukas Dhont: ”We grow up in a society that tries to point out people belong to some particular boxes already decided by the body we are born in.”

Ana Indricău & Tudor Cuc-Dumitrescu on ”Marocco”

Mălina Manovici about ”A higher law”

Cannes 2022: The Dardenne Brothers on their latest film, Tori & Lokita

Cristian Mungiu: “As a filmmaker, you’re first an observer and then a storyteller.”

Interview with the three protagonists of Immaculate

The 2022 Gopo Awards – Talking to the Five Best First Feature Nominees

Andreea Grămoșteanu: “I always felt the need to express myself without feeling judged”

The 4 main protagonist of HBO Max’s original series – Ruxx talk about their show

Ioana Bugarin: “If you set aside your preconceived notions, you can find that everything exists within yourself.”

Interview with actress Ada Galeș: ”I believe Romania needs good people”

Teodora Mihai: “Whenever I choose my subjects, I also consider the power of cinema”

San Sebastian 2021: Interview with the crews of the films Blue Moon & Mikado

#GOPO: an interview with the Young Hope nominees

A short talk with the actors from And they may still be alive today

Ioana Flora, about Fragile: “I felt like I was giving something back”

Olimpia Melinte: ”For me, imagination is the most precious tool for an actor”

Ana Ularu: ”I take much more pleasure in discovering than in seeing the final result.”

Rodica Lazar: “Acting is infinite, and that is probably the reason why it’s still alive.”

An interview with Alexandru Papadopol & Cristian Bota, on Tuff Money – HBO’s new series

Mihai Călin: “There are no absolute truths, no matter if we talk about important matters or small stuff”

Andrei Dăscălescu on Holy Father: ”The idea of the film developed just a few hours after Paula’s pregnancy test”

Dumitru Budrala, the director of Astra FF: “It was almost impossible to start a film festival in the ’90s.”

Acasa, My Home: an interview with the core team behind the multi-awarded documentary film

Interview with Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, about Wood

Interview with Anca Mitran, the General Director of CNC

About TIFF, with Oana Giurgiu & Dorina Oargă

GOPO 2020: interview with the team

Pilar Palomero: “For me filmmaking is about communication, about exploring emotions and reflecting on humanity.”

Madeline Robert, Visions du Réel: ”We wanted to make sure these films will be seen, it was our commitment.”

Catalin Mitulescu: “This big success of Romanian cinema should have led to a better-working system.”

Bianca Oana: ”I feel motivated by the people that inspire me and whose vision I believe in”

Nora Fingscheidt, on System Crasher: “I had been working at System Crasher for 6 years”

Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo: “I’m not acting for the recognition or for what you think about it”

Interview with Isabelle Sieb

Sergei Loznitsa: ”The way we show or write about a story must be beautiful otherwise nobody will remember it”

Crina Semciuc: ”I still hope to find that one role that makes me feel fully satisfied”

Interview with Peter Schneider, first CEO of Disney Animation

Interview with Jan-Ole Gerster, winner of Special Jury Prize at KVIFF

An interview with Corneliu Porumboiu about La Gomera

#Interview with Nick Rees-Roberts about film and fashion

An interview with Alexandru Mavrodineanu about Caisa

#intothespotlight: He wanted to embrace life, but it slipped right through his fingers. Interview with Lucian Georgescu

The Script Contest: interview with 2nd edition’s winner, Alexandra Suciu

Retrospective: San Sebastian International Film Festival

Festival Focus: Bucharest International Dance Film Festival

Several conversations about a very tall girl: interview with Florentina & Silvana

Andrei Cretulescu: I find the world cruel and violent and those lenses get darker as the days go by

(Română) TIFF 2018: Start la filme romanesti de scurtmetraj

#intothespotlight: Control N, the place where dream projects come true

Interview: Mihai Chirilov, artistic director of TIFF

Andrei Rus about One World Romania 2018

Interview with Iulia Lumanare, on latest movie “Pororoca”

Interview: CASTiNG team

#intothespotlight: Anim’est

Interview: Vlad Ivanov

#behindthescreen: Fiesta del Cine

Ana-Maria Comanescu on everything film-related

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TIFF, 10 for Film: 4 stage actresses into the spotlight

Maria Dinulescu on being an actress

GOPO x 4: an interview with Best Actress in a Leading Role nominees

Diana Cavallioti on Ana, Mon Amour

Ana Ularu: The Wicked Witch of the West

Anca Miruna Lazarescu on her directorial debut