Laura Mușat
Film producer and founder of ADFR, she dreamed since she was little of having a magazine one day. Alongside her job as editor-in-chief, she writes the interview of the month. She loves animals, jazz music and films festivals.

Cannes 2022: The Dardenne Brothers on their latest film, Tori & Lokita

Cristian Mungiu: “As a filmmaker, you’re first an observer and then a storyteller.”

Interview with the three protagonists of Immaculate

The 2022 Gopo Awards – Talking to the Five Best First Feature Nominees

Andreea Grămoșteanu: “I always felt the need to express myself without feeling judged”

The 4 main protagonist of HBO Max’s original series – Ruxx talk about their show

Ioana Bugarin: “If you set aside your preconceived notions, you can find that everything exists within yourself.”

Interview with actress Ada Galeș: ”I believe Romania needs good people”

Teodora Mihai: “Whenever I choose my subjects, I also consider the power of cinema”

San Sebastian 2021: Interview with the crews of the films Blue Moon & Mikado

#GOPO: an interview with the Young Hope nominees

A short talk with the actors from And they may still be alive today

Ioana Flora, about Fragile: “I felt like I was giving something back”

Olimpia Melinte: ”For me, imagination is the most precious tool for an actor”

Ana Ularu: ”I take much more pleasure in discovering than in seeing the final result.”

Rodica Lazar: “Acting is infinite, and that is probably the reason why it’s still alive.”

An interview with Alexandru Papadopol & Cristian Bota, on Tuff Money – HBO’s new series

Mihai Călin: “There are no absolute truths, no matter if we talk about important matters or small stuff”

Andrei Dăscălescu on Holy Father: ”The idea of the film developed just a few hours after Paula’s pregnancy test”

Dumitru Budrala, the director of Astra FF: “It was almost impossible to start a film festival in the ’90s.”

Acasa, My Home: an interview with the core team behind the multi-awarded documentary film

Interview with Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, about Wood

Interview with Anca Mitran, the General Director of CNC

About TIFF, with Oana Giurgiu & Dorina Oargă

GOPO 2020: interview with the team

Pilar Palomero: “For me filmmaking is about communication, about exploring emotions and reflecting on humanity.”

Madeline Robert, Visions du Réel: ”We wanted to make sure these films will be seen, it was our commitment.”

Catalin Mitulescu: “This big success of Romanian cinema should have led to a better-working system.”

Bianca Oana: ”I feel motivated by the people that inspire me and whose vision I believe in”

Nora Fingscheidt, on System Crasher: “I had been working at System Crasher for 6 years”

Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo: “I’m not acting for the recognition or for what you think about it”

Interview with Isabelle Sieb

Sergei Loznitsa: ”The way we show or write about a story must be beautiful otherwise nobody will remember it”

Crina Semciuc: ”I still hope to find that one role that makes me feel fully satisfied”

Interview with Peter Schneider, first CEO of Disney Animation

Interview with Jan-Ole Gerster, winner of Special Jury Prize at KVIFF

An interview with Corneliu Porumboiu about La Gomera

#Interview with Nick Rees-Roberts about film and fashion

An interview with Alexandru Mavrodineanu about Caisa

#intothespotlight: He wanted to embrace life, but it slipped right through his fingers. Interview with Lucian Georgescu

The Script Contest: interview with 2nd edition’s winner, Alexandra Suciu

Retrospective: San Sebastian International Film Festival

Festival Focus: Bucharest International Dance Film Festival

Several conversations about a very tall girl: interview with Florentina & Silvana

Andrei Cretulescu: I find the world cruel and violent and those lenses get darker as the days go by

(Română) TIFF 2018: Start la filme romanesti de scurtmetraj

#intothespotlight: Control N, the place where dream projects come true

Interview: Mihai Chirilov, artistic director of TIFF

Andrei Rus about One World Romania 2018

Interview with Iulia Lumanare, on latest movie “Pororoca”

Interview: CASTiNG team

#intothespotlight: Anim’est

Interview: Vlad Ivanov

#behindthescreen: Fiesta del Cine

Ana-Maria Comanescu on everything film-related

#intothespotlight: ShortsUP, an interview with Alexandra Safriuc

TIFF, 10 for Film: 4 stage actresses into the spotlight

Maria Dinulescu on being an actress

GOPO x 4: an interview with Best Actress in a Leading Role nominees

Diana Cavallioti on Ana, Mon Amour

Ana Ularu: The Wicked Witch of the West

Anca Miruna Lazarescu on her directorial debut